Unique ANCSL Club - A mystery club?


This club is something of a mystery. This club is either an extremely rare model (given its highly unusual shape) or it has been modified from a more regular shaped ANCSL wood. The crown of the head is clearly stamped in large letters ANCSL LONDON placing it around 1890. it has a scare-neck joint. The head is quite thin and elongated. If it has been modified it must have been done a very long time ago given the condition of the sole plate and the lead. Another strange thing is that the grip is very thick and the shaft is not as long as a regular club for a grown man. Putting all these factors together here's my theory...one day quite recently I was reading about how lots of wounded soldiers after the great war had clubs modified so they could use them with only one arm. Search the website for the one-armed golf society and you'll find it was established many many years ago. This is what I believe this club to be. When you pick it up and swing it with one arm it makes total sense. It's a club that has been altered so that a one armed man can keep golfing. (At first I thought given the shortened length maybe it was cut down for a child....but what child requires a grip as thick as a man's palm!!!??...and that's an awful lot of work to do to make a club for a child when you can just cut a bit of the end...and children's clubs were readily available at that time anyway! This club has been altered like this for a particular reason...if you have an alternative theory I'd really like to hear from you . Email me at info@timewarpgolf.com...regards Gavin)

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